Dates :
Event Date : September 2020
Registration Dates : Sunday, December 1, 2019 ~ Friday, March 6, 2020


Event Info

[Announcement from the Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation Feb 27th, 2020]




After careful consideration and discussions with the local Taiwan partners and teams, in placing the highest safety of the athletes, children and the general public priority in mind, the tournament WILL BE POSTPONED due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

We will continue to follow the updates and the progress of this disease and determine the NEW date of the tournament. 
Upon the determination of the new tournament date, refunds will be provided for registered participants that can not accommodate to the new date. 

We regret having to postpone this tournament but feel this is the right decision to protect the wellness and safety of everyone that is involved.

We thank you for your support, understanding, and patience. Let us all do our part in containing this virus. We hope to see you all soon in the near future.


Edison Kagohara
Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation 



am8:00 to am10:00

am9:00 to pm12:00

weight division
am11:00 to pm17:00

open weight
pm16:00 to pm18:00


1- All staffs, referees, need to check temperature before entering the venue. 
2- On event day : 
We will check everyone at the entrance. 
Entry will be denied If a body temperature is above 37.5 Celsius.
3- We will provide alcohol to sanitize the hands. 
4- We will provide alcohol at the Venue Entrance , Weigh-in area, Podium table, and Mat tables.
5- All staffs and referees must wear a mask, or will be denied entry into the venue.
6- All athletes must wear masks when not competing and spectators must have a mask on at all times.
7- Please do not come to venue if you are feeling ill. Please stay home or go to the hospital for evaluation.




All category:
# Kids
# Juvenille
# Adult
# Master1
# Master2

Kids belt category:
(fight together)
yellow,orange,Green (fight together)


 Registration Dates:

Super promo registration:   December 01  - January 20
Weight Category  1000NTD
Weight Category & Open Weight 1300NTD
Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category  800NTD


Regular registration days:  January 21  - March 01
Weight Category  1400
Weight Category & Open Weight 1700
Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category 1000


Last minutes registration:  March 02  - March 06
Weight Category  1800
Weight Category & Open Weight 2200 
Kids fees: Under 15 year old Category 1300


Payment Methods:

Option 1:
By Paypal 

Option 2:
銀行名稱 Bank Name:永豐銀行基隆分行
帳戶名稱 Account Name:中華巴西柔術協會
帳  號 Account Number:118-018-0005390-9
銀行代號 Bank Code:807
SinoPac Bank (Taiwan)

  • Bank: SinoPac  (Taiwan)
  • Branch: Keelung branch
  • Account Number:118-018-0005390-9
  • Account Holder:中華巴西柔術協會
  • Bank Code:807
    • After payment of your registration fee,please send a scanned copy or photo of your transfer slip with your full name to:


  1. Registration deadline: March/06/2020
  2. Athlete correction deadline: March/09/2020
  3. Day to request cancel registration and refund : March/09/2020
    (we only refund those athletes with no opponents in their division)
  4. Registration checkday: March/09/2020
  5. Organizer´s correction day: March/10/2020
  6. Schedule release date: March/12/2020
  7. Brackets release date: Mrach/12/2020


  1. Final Check Date (Important):

    March 09  is the last day to check the registration. All athletes and instructors must check the fighters list.
    Those without oponents in your division must contact us for change of division
    The brackets will be generated following the list of registered fighters and the awards will be given only for those registered and on the brackets, so the check is obligatory for everyone

Final Date for checking and correction:

* March 09 is the last day to check your registration. All athletes, coaches, and instructors are required to check the fighters list for any possible changes needed.

* If you have no opponent in your division, please contact us for a change of division or you will automatically receive a medal. No refunds will be made if you failed to contact us.

* Fighters’ list is official and it will be used to generate the brackets. Please be sure to check your details in the fighters’ list before the final deadline. Further, awards will only be given to those who are listed in the brackets so please check accordingly.


Changes to your registration:

-    Email your changes to

-    Please be sure to include the following

    > Fighters name

    > Tournament Name

    > Necessary Corrections   

-    Make sure the subject on the email is Corrections

Refund Policy:

The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Exemption: Athletes who are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they contact and request to withdraw their name from the competition prior to the end of the appointed event Refund Deadline.

  Conduct at the winnner´s podium:

We ask your understanding and cooperation in fallowing these standard in the upcoming tournament:
*** All competitors must be in proper uniform (full Gi for Gi competitions or rash guard and shorts for NO-GI competitions).
*** Banners are not permitted at the podium
*** Athletes who place in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their division will receive a medal at the event. All the medals should be picked up at the event's podium.

Rules and Requirements for joining the event:

* Any athlete who has proven to be a black belt in judo,has fought MMA professionally, has an amateur MMA record or has proven experience in wrestling, Olimpic wrestling or greco-Roman wrestling, can not participate in any league as a white belt. Proven experience in the U.S. consists of having competed at the collegiate level or highter and in other countries,having competed in nationwide events.

* Matches may start 30 minutes in advance. Athletes should be in the warm up area at least 40 minutes prior to the time assigned for his or her division on the schedule.
* It is mandatory to have an official government photo ID at all times.
* The official weight measurements of this event is in KILOGRAMS.

* All athletes must be affiliated with a black belt. Your head black belt can be in a different location/country, what’s important is you and the team that you are representing is properly recognized by the head instructor.
* We reserve the right to check your affiliation. Failure to provide any means to contact your head instructor will not be accepted into the event.
* All athletes must bring a valid ID on the event day. We reserve the right to randomly check IDs for verification purposes
* Any false information provided during registration such as, but not limited to, DOB, may lead to immediate disqualification. Such actions are subject to suspension or even banishment from future ASJJF events.
* If you are alone in your bracket you can contact  till the day before registration check day and request a change on your registration. ASJJF does not guarantee that the division you want to be moved to will have another competitor at the day of the event.
* ASJJF reserves the right to close registration when we reach full capacity, or on the day of the appointed event registration deadline, whichever comes first.
* It is the responsibility of the athlete to be knowledgeable of the rules and guidelines pertaining to the sport (as outlined in the ASJJF Rules Book).
* We strongly suggest that athlete registration is finalized before making any travel arrangements.
* Before each fight, athletes will be asked to show their valid form of photo identification(ID) to the officials. Make sure you have it on hand.

*This tournament is organized by the Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation Inc. Association in partnership with the Chinese Taiwan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association


Registration Info :
  • We will not accept registrations after the registration end date
  • The registration deadline can be closed before the registration end date if the number of fighters exceed the total number allowed
Registration Fees :
  • * The money must arrive until the day specified otherwise the registration will be cancelled (The registration is considered completed only after the registration fee payment)
  • Registration fee refund: only if there are no opponents in your category. There will be no refund in case of: disqualification, weight disqualification, you came late or not coming to the event
Rank Points
Rank 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
SJJIF JIU JITSU ASIAN RANKING 2019 ~ 2020 7.0 3.0 1.0

Male Age/Belt Divisions
Age Min / Max Age Birth year Belt
Toddler 4 ~ 5 2019 ~ 2020 White , Grey
Kindergarten 6 ~ 7 2017 ~ 2018 White , Grey , Yellow
Youth 8 ~ 9 2015 ~ 2016 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange
Pre Teen 10 ~ 11 2013 ~ 2014 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange , Green
Junior Teen 12 ~ 13 2011 ~ 2012 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange , Green
Teen 14 ~ 15 2009 ~ 2010 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange , Green
JUVENILE 16 ~ 17 2007 ~ 2008 White , Blue , Purple
Adult 18 ~ 29 1995 ~ 2006 White , Blue , Purple , Brown , Black
MASTER 1 30 ~ 35 1989 ~ 1994 White , Blue , Purple , Brown , Black
MASTER 2 36 ~ 40 1984 ~ 1988 White , Blue , Purple , Brown , Black
Female Age/Belt Divisions
Age Min / Max Age Birth year Belt
Toddler 4 ~ 5 2019 ~ 2020 White , Grey
Kindergarten 6 ~ 7 2017 ~ 2018 White , Grey , Yellow
Youth 8 ~ 9 2015 ~ 2016 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange
Pre Teen 10 ~ 11 2013 ~ 2014 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange , Green
Junior Teen 12 ~ 13 2011 ~ 2012 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange , Green
Teen 14 ~ 15 2009 ~ 2010 White , Grey , Yellow , Orange , Green
JUVENILE 16 ~ 17 2007 ~ 2008 White , Blue , Purple
Adult 18 ~ 29 1995 ~ 2006 White , Blue , Purple , Brown , Black
MASTER 1 30 ~ 35 1989 ~ 1994 White , Blue , Purple , Brown , Black
Weight Divisions
MALE Female
Adult, Master JUVENILE Adult, Master JUVENILE
Rooster ~57.6Kg - ~48.5Kg ~47.6kg
Light Feather ~64.0Kg ~54.4Kg ~54.4Kg ~52.2Kg
Feather ~70.0Kg ~61.2Kg ~61.2Kg ~59.0Kg
Light ~76.0Kg ~68.0Kg ~68.0Kg ~65.8Kg
Middle ~82.1Kg ~74.8Kg ~74.8Kg ~72.6Kg
Medium Heavy ~88.2Kg ~81.6Kg ~81.6Kg 72.6Kg~
Heavy ~94.1Kg ~88.5Kg 81.6kg~ -
Super Heavy ~100.2Kg 88.5Kg~ - -
Ultra Heavy 100.2Kg~ - - -

Male, Female
Toddler Kindergarten Youth Pre Teen Junior Teen Teen
Rooster ~17.7kg ~20.4kg ~22.7kg ~27.2kg ~31.8kg ~45.4kg
Light Feather ~20.0kg ~22.7kg ~27.2kg ~31.8kg ~37.6kg ~51.3kg
Feather ~22.2kg ~27.2kg ~31.8kg ~36.3kg ~44.0kg ~57.2kg
Light ~24.5kg ~31.8kg ~36.3kg ~40.8kg ~50.3kg ~63.0kg
Middle ~26.8kg ~36.3kg ~40.8kg ~45.4kg ~56.7kg ~68.9kg
Medium Heavy 26.8kg~ 36.3kg~ ~45.4kg ~49.9kg ~63.0kg ~74.8kg
Heavy - - ~49.9kg ~54.4kg ~69.4kg ~80.7kg
Super Heavy - - 49.9kg~ ~59.0kg ~74.8kg ~86.6kg
Ultra Heavy - - - 59.0kg~ 74.8kg~ 86.6kg~