Dates :
Event Date : Saturday, October 24, 2015
Registration Dates : Thursday, May 14, 2015 ~ Friday, October 16, 2015

ASJJF - Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation

Event Info

# We are inviting all instructors and coaches to an orientation regarding ASJJF rules. It will be held tomorrow, October 23, 2015, at 7PM in Trade Hall B in SM City Cebu.

Schedulle Saturday 24:

Open Door: 10:00am
All White belt: 10:30am
Lunch time: 13:00 to 13:30
Opening Ceremony: 13:30
Open Weight registration to white belt: 13:00 to 14:00
All Blue belt: 13:45
All Purple belt: 13:45
All brown belt: 13:45
All black belt: 13:45
Open weight registration to Blue,Purple,Brown,Black: 15:30 to 16:00
Open weight white belt: 16:00
Open weight Blue belt: 16:00
Open weight purple belt: 16:00
Open weight brown belt: 16:00
Open weight black belt: 16:00
Event finish: 19:00



Registration Dates:

Early registration:
june 1 - August 24:  P1,300   (Philippines pesos)

Second deadline registration:
August 25 - September 11:   P1,500    (Philippines pesos)

Normal registration days:
September 12 - October 5:    P1,700    (Philippines pesos)

Final registration:
October 6 - October 16:    P2,000   (Philippines pesos)


Registration Deadline: October 16

Correction Day: October 17

Final Day for Checking and Correction: October 18

Schedule Release Date: October 22

Brackets Release Date: October 22


Final Date for checking and correction

-    October 18 is the last day to check your registration. All athletes, coaches and instructors are required to check the fighters list for any changes required.

-    If you have no opponent in your division, please contact us for a change of division or you automatically get a medal. No refunds will be made.

-    Fighters list is official and it will be used to generate the brackets so please be sure to check your details in the fighters list before the final deadline. The brackets will be generated based on the fighters list and awards will only be given to those who are listed in the brackets so please check accordingly.


Changes to your registration

-    Email your changes to

-    Please be sure to include the following

    > Fighters name

    > Tournament Name

    > Necessary Corrections   

-    Make sure the subject on the email is Corrections


Rules and Requirements for joining the event

-    All athletes must be affiliated with a black belt.Your head black belt can be in a different location/country, whats important is you and the team that you are representing is properly recognized by the head instructor.

-    We reserve the right to check your affiliation. Failure to provide any means to contact your head instructor will not be accepted into the event.

-    All athletes must bring a valid ID on the event day.

-    For competition rules, please check

-    All athletes must comply to the mall/venue policy:

    > Everyone is required to wear their slippers/sandals/shoes at all times except when going into the mats

    > No one allowed to walk around shirtless in the venue and especially outside the venue area. If you are done with your match, and would like to take your gi off, please remember to put on a shirt immediately.



Location :
Name SM City Cebu, Philippines (Trade Hall 3rd Floor)
Address : SM City Cebu,3rd Floor Trade Hall
Registration Info :
  • We will not accept registrations after the registration end date
  • The registration deadline can be closed before the registration end date if the number of fighters exceed the total number allowed
Age Divisions
Division Age Birth Year
JUVENILE 16 ~ 17 2006 ~ 2007
Adult 18 ~ 29 1994 ~ 2005
Master 30 ~ 35 1988 ~ 1993
Belt Divisions
Age Belt
White Blue Purple Brown Black

Adult Weight Divisions
MALE Female
Adult, Master JUVENILE Adult, Master JUVENILE
Rooster ~57.5Kg ~53.50Kg ~48.5Kg ~44.3Kg
Light Feather ~64.0Kg ~58.5Kg ~53.5Kg ~48.3Kg
Feather ~70.0Kg ~64.0Kg ~58.5Kg ~52.5Kg
Light ~76.0Kg ~69.0Kg ~64.0Kg ~56.5Kg
Middle ~82.3Kg ~74.0Kg ~69.0Kg ~60.5Kg
Medium Heavy ~88.3Kg ~79.3Kg ~74.0Kg ~65.0Kg
Heavy ~94.3Kg ~84.3Kg 74.0Kg~ ~69.0Kg
Super Heavy ~100.5Kg ~89.3Kg - ~73.0Kg
Ultra Heavy 100.5Kg~ 89.3Kg~ - 73.0Kg~
Open Weight Open Weight Open Weight Open Weight Open Weight